Our Educational Approach

Through the SaS platform, we engaged with young children to discuss antibiotic resistance through creative and fun hands-on activities, empowering them in the process with knowledge on the issue. The content includes engaging activities covering microbes, infections, antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Our hands-on approach comprising of games, videos, activity sheets and role plays makes understanding these serious and complex issues interesting and less daunting for children and has been very well received by teachers and students alike.

With the aim of scaling up our pilot program across schools in India and to promote hygiene, sanitation and responsible use of antibiotics driven by our superheroes – our children, we are making this content freely available for teachers, education instructors, antibiotic resistance advocates and researchers interested in teaching concepts around antibiotic resistance and spreading awareness on issues related to this global problem.

The activities in this lesson series can either be used as stand-alone activities to engage with children on specific topics or can be adapted for a 1-3 day workshop on antibiotic resistance. Although the activities have been developed in the first instance for children in the age group of 13-14 years, they can be modified and adapted to suit children across different age groups as well as adults. The lesson plans have been developed in conjunction with our scientific partner, the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.


Click here for the lesson plans and activities.

We, at SAS, would love to work with other like-minded organisations/individuals working in this space in India, so please reach out to us at sasindia2018@gmail.com