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Note: These activities can be used for non-commercial and educational purposes only. These activities were designed for Grade 9 students in Hyderabad, India.

Ice Breaker Activity

Let’s first understand the words here - Superheroes and Superbugs.

Lesson Plan 1

Interrelatedness among all living organisms on earth with a focus on humans.

Lesson Plan 2

Difference between microorganisms and their interaction with human.

Presentation for Ice Breaker, Lesson Plan 1 and Plan 2

Lesson Plan 3

When antibiotics work and don’t work.

Lesson Plan 4

From bugs to superbugs: How bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

Lesson Plan 5

Spread of Superbugs.

Presentation for Lesson Plan 3, 4 and 5

Sessions on How Antibiotic Resistance Effects Everyone and Why it is a Public Health Threat

How does Antibiotic Resistance Effect me?
Why is Antibiotic Resistance a problem and how do we tackle it?
Homework Ideas
The following educational content was developed by the SaS Fellow Sonal Katyal as part of her SaS Fellowship in early 2022. In line with the SaS educational approach, these lessons and activities were developed to engage with school children on AMR through an interactive and fun approach. Sonal used active learning, creative arts and immersive dialogue based approaches to create engaging content for the three day workshops that she conducted in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh for audiences in the age group of 15-18 years.
Me Against the Superbugs

This workshop informs young people about antibiotic resistance, by helping them understand the science involved. The major tools used are dialogue, games, role-playing and dramatics.

Resources for the Workshop

Session 1

Letters from Planet Z

Session 2

Know Your Foe

Session 3

Attack and Defence

Session 4

Play it out

Plays by Children                    

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