Grassroots Comics

What are Grassroots Comics?

Grassroots Comics as an alternative medium of communication stands out distinctly from mainstream comics. While mainstream comics are created by professional artists, these grassroots comics are created by common masses themselves. Individuals from diverse background have used this powerful medium to express their own self. Find out more about Grassroots Comics here.


Why Grassroot Comics for SaS?

Everybody has a story to tell and everyone is an artist! By combining these two aspects, grassroots comics (pioneered by World Comics India) provide a powerful medium to talk about serious issues in a uniquely creative way. Children in our workshops, with their inherent enthusiasm and creativity turned readily into cartoonists and created simple yet delightfully powerful comics around the complex issue of antibiotic resistance. Once armed with knowledge on the issue, all they needed was a pen and a paper!


SaS Comics

We are extremely proud to bring these comics to you! The comics cover varied topics on various aspects of antibiotic resistance including: health and hygiene, misuse and overuse of antibiotics, environmental issues surrounding antibiotic resistance, misuse of antibiotics in animal farming and science behind antibiotic resistance. We are making these comics available to the wider community to sustain the dialogue on antibiotic resistance initiated at our workshops.


Check out our comic compilation here.

Disclaimer: The ownership of these comics lies with the children themselves - the participants of our workshops. The comics are only to be used for awareness and education campaigns on antibiotic resistance and not to be used for commercial purposes. Please also include the following line when using this content: "These comics were developed as part of the Superheroes against Superbugs initiative."


We, at SAS, would love to work with other like-minded organisations/individuals working in this space in India, so please reach out to us at