On July 13th, 2023, Superheroes Against Superbugs hosted its awareness initiative “Magnetize Your Creativity” at T-hub in Hyderabad, bringing together 30+ local innovators and entrepreneurs. 


The event unfolded around a captivating AMR mural, inspired by comics, serving as both a conversation starter and a creative muse. This engaging approach drew a tech-savvy crowd into an important discussion about AMR and the responsible use of antibiotics, subjects not commonly addressed within this community.


The mural’s vibrant storytelling didn’t just stimulate conversation; it also motivated attendees to translate their newfound understanding into art. Taking inspiration from the mural’s visual narrative, participants painted fridge magnets, each one a personal and colorful reminder of AMR’s significance.


The fusion of science and art extended beyond the attendees, catching the attention of the German documentary crew Prosieben. They were impressed by the mural’s unique message delivery and the innovative way it was used to engage the audience, expressing an interest in including it in their forthcoming AMR documentary.