On May 28th, 2023, the AMR awareness initiative, “Magnetize Your Creativity,” was conducted in two distinct locations in Hyderabad, engaging 150+ people and creating a unifying message through artistic engagement.


The day commenced at Aparna Cyberzon, within the residential community of Serilingampally, during the Science and Lit Fest. Here, the event attracted participants ranging from children as young as 5 to adults up to 45 years old. Everyone joined in the critical conversations about AMR, reflecting the collective concern about this growing threat. The younger participants were especially captivated by the opportunity to translate their thoughts into art, painting fridge magnets with vibrant colors and imaginative designs. These mini masterpieces will act as daily reminders in their homes, fostering ongoing dialogues about AMR.


Later, the initiative made its way to Aaromale, a trendy cafĂ© and community center in Film Nagar, a hotspot for the 18-30 age group. The AMR mural, having moved across the city and created during a previous workshop, resonated with the youth gathered there. The mural, with its vibrant colors and compelling design, served as the backdrop intriguing people about AMR. This educated, urban crowd engaged deeply with the mural, absorbing its message, and expressing their understanding through the artistic creation of fridge magnets. Some of the young adults even expressed their interest in becoming a part of the initiative, further emphasizing the event’s success in connecting with the audience.