On July 1st, SaS collaborated with Write Club Hyderabad and CCMB to organize the “Pen Meets Petri Dish” workshop, an innovative effort to combine the worlds of science and literature in understanding microbiology and AMR.


The event began with Dr. Raghu R Tirumalai, who took on the complex task of demystifying AMR for 30+ participating writers, the members of Write Club Hyderabad and a few aspiring microbiologists. With clear and accessible explanations, he simplified the subject, making it approachable for those unfamiliar with the scientific intricacies.



The writers were then given lab tours where they witnessed microbiology experiments and gained a sneak peek into the life of microbiologists. This exposure to the laboratory environment provided them with a tangible connection to the subject they were about to explore in their writing.


Following the tours, participants found isolated spots amidst greenery to wield their pens and craft their narratives on AMR. The tranquil setting allowed them to concentrate and translate their fresh scientific insights into literary form.


As the day drew to a close, the writers came together to share their creations. The output was diverse and imaginative, ranging from poems and verses to short stories, each shedding a different light on AMR. 


The stories and poems crafted during the workshop will serve as a valuable resource for SaS, enabling it to share the complex and urgent topic of AMR with a wider audience. By presenting the issue in a fictional and engaging manner, these literary works are poised to spark conversations and raise awareness in a way that resonates with people’s emotions.